The Power of Young Influencers: How teen SM Stars are Shaping the Marketing Game

The Power of Young Influencers: How teen SM Stars are Shaping the Marketing Game

Social media has turned the business-marketing game on its head. People who have influence on social media platforms are selling like hot-cakes. Social influencers are social media users who succeed in accumulating a large and highly-engaged social following. These social influencers are using their powers to sell products, earn money and change the marketing world while doing so.

Vloggers, Instagrammers, Viners, YouTubers, Facebookers, Twitterers, Pinteresters etc are quickly replacing Hollywood stars as the ones with most loyal fans. Businesses know that, and are increasingly approaching these budding stars to help widen their customer-base. If you have the right spark, you too can garner some influence on social platforms and become one of the many SM teens that businesses cannot ignore!

Let us look at some of the ways young influencers are making themselves indispensible for effective business marketing.

Huge Following

Uploading unique and funny videos, beauty and make-up tutorials, how-to guides, video game reviews, and other creative content on social media has made huge stars of many teen social media users. Who knew talent reaped such great rewards. These popular SM teens have huge audiences that cannot wait to get their hands and eyes on the next uploaded content.

Brands are collaborating with these influencers to come up with inspiring and informative yet entertaining content. The eager followers of SM teens respond well to these pieces of content. It gets them talking and taking interest in the brand. Brand awareness increases, so do the sales.

Contact with real people

The supremely creative and social-savvy SM influencers give businesses the invaluable opportunity to interact with their potential customers directly. A successful influencer knows the importance of engaging his audience and constantly interacting with them.

When an influencer recommends a product, the followers instantaneously let him know what they think of it. This allows businesses to know what people are thinking about their product. The real-time feedback can help the brands tweak their product.

Access to the Illusive Trust

Teenagers trust their peers more than they trust TV or internet ads. SM teens are helping brands take advantage of this fact. The followers of social influencers are loyal to them. They love them and trust them. This trust is what attracts brands towards SM influencers. Think about it. If someone you trust is telling you a product is worth your time, will you not be willing to give it a go?

Sure-Fire Reach

Smart product placement and creative ways to integrate a brand with entertaining content are the tools SM influencers offer brands. The followers are sure to be exposed to the products when they consume the content uploaded by their favorite SM teen. Most social media users bypass ads, block pop-ups and use ad-blocking tools to stay away from bothersome ads. SM influencers are helping businesses go around these obstacles.

In-Tuned Content

Whether a social influencer is a micro-influencer with a thousand followers, a middle-influencer with his following in tens of thousands or has hit the jackpot and has amassed massive audiences in millions, he knows his followers well. You do not get to be so successful on social media, without knowing the likes and dislikes of your followers. SM influencers can help businesses come up with marketing campaigns that work.

Social influencers are helping businesses improve their marketing techniques and giving them access to their loyal customer base. However, they are not doing it for free. They get paid in the form of money or free access to products. If you want in, join SocialStar Creator Camp. Learn to create highly entertaining and engaging content, techniques to increase the number of your followers and practical understanding to attract businesses and brands.

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